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Track Name: what did you do besides watch tv?
it´s getting late. you´re not at home.
don´t pick up all the pieces cause i´m sick of the empty floor to walk on.
it´s not my fault. it´s getting old.
that´s your trip. staying home that´s me.
Track Name: cheesyfactor a+
just sleep tight. summer will be gone tomorrow.
and every fight will be lost and drowned.
wake up. wake up. it´s the last night of summer.
get up. get up. it won´t get any better.

are you awake? i need to tell you something funny.
never laugh is your answer to everything.
wake up. wake up. it´s the last night of summer.
get up. get up. it won´t get any better.

am i the wrong one? it might mean anything.
wrong time. wrong place. let´s take the bus.
Track Name: this might be the dumbest idea ever
just one last cigarette one last beer and one last story.
the story way too short no more cigarette to hold on to.
i turn around and walk back home. leaving you all alone.

too many people in a crowded room. this place can´t be real.
telling the half-truth is still a lie. don´t know if leaving was the right thing to do.

thank you for a sad and beautiful night.
i´m gonna dring the next beer by myself.
Track Name: justice is never gonna answer the phone
please don´t get yourself eaten by a bear.
Track Name: meet me at chester park
everything all the time. you won´t never see what´s mine again.
seeing straight for the day and it happens to mean anything.
everything to me.

i´m not the one you know. i run a secret show.
hands down i know you wouldn´t buy a ticket for the show.

second chances everytime. i can´t hide the fact that you don´t care.
say something stupid again. it might mean the world to me.
Track Name: if i lead the team i won´t leave the team
we will never say it´s alright.
we will never do the stupid things you used to do.
don´t ever be that way. hating everything.
it´s a stupid way of saying that you´re okay.

taking back what you never said.

we will never say it´s alright.
we will never do the stupid things you used to do.
you´ve seen it on tv. it hasn´t changed you.
you said it´s hard to see. it hasn´t changed you.
Track Name: snowstorms & sandworms
can´t wait for you to get home. do you still know that i´m alone?

i wish it would rain all day. so i could sit in the park all by myself.
a heavy snowstorm would be okay. i´d just sit and stare.
i´d be to bored to care.
Track Name: the worst part is waiting for the bus
it´s going fast. i´m moving slow. are you ready? no i´m not.
hope you die. yeah i know. need a push? i don´t think so.

i think reality is over-rated. how come you and me seem so jaded?
Track Name: lifetime-cover-band-award: participant
i´ve been travelling for so long. this train finally feels like home.
just need to hang some pictures to the wall.

where the hell am i know? why is everybody speaking french?
time to pack my things and find a new home.

you won´t change me.
Track Name: i´ve decided to grow a beard, mom
why is everything moving so fast?
do you really think this is gonna last?
(i heard this one over and over) i can´t change a thing
(over and over again) decisions have been made
(i heard this one over and over) it´s like asking you to stay
(over and over again) when you´re already away

staying home for summer. like i always knew you would.
don´t wanna feel the winter. at least you said i could.
i can´t think about a better time.

goodbye, goodbye...